Calling All Teaching Artists!

Request for Proposals - Online Educational Programming

February 11, 2021

Alleyway Theatre is requesting proposals from professional theatre artists to create a short (20 min) online lesson for students in K-8 and/or 9-12. We are seeking vibrant, energetic individuals who have experience with this age group. At Alleyway, we celebrate stories of everyone. So, as we hire and cast, we're committed to creating an equitable and accessible, diverse and inclusive, joyful community of artists and staff.


Create a proposal for an online class using your unique skills as a theatre-maker, but the class doesn’t necessarily have to revolve around theatre. It should be as interactive/engaging as possible (ie: not a lecture). There are bonus points for making it physical in some way to get students up on their feet.

For Tomorrow Starts Today,for example, maybe you are a mad scientist explaining how important science/tech/investigating/exploring is and then have the students develop a plan for how they can start reducing climate change today. Or, for We Have a Dream, maybe you create a short solo play/presentation (5-7 min) based on the life of Sojourner Truth, and then engage the students in a conversation/Q&A afterword about why her life was so important.

The more original, creative,engaging to the students, and representative of the theme the better.

Themes and Days
  • 10am-Noon each Saturday below
  • February 27: We Have a Dream (Black History Month topics and heros)
  • March 20: Tomorrow Starts Today  (careers vs jobs, ?)
  • April 24: Blood is Thicker Than Water (science, blood drive, health, first aid)
  • May 8: Your One Wonderful Life (career day)
  • May 22: Create Your Own History (family history, lineage, family tree)
  • June 5: Playing in Buffalo (places in Buffalo to explore)
How it works

If your proposal is accepted(step 1), Alleyway will add it to our menu of choices that we provide to the school district. Then, (step 2) it is up to the district to decide which courses they would like to select. Because there are multiple schools within the district offering these courses each month, it is possible that your course could be chosen by4-6 schools and you would present that class 4-6 times on a particular morning. It all depends on what the district chooses.

A (very) brief technical rehearsal is required in advance to make sure all computer issues are worked out in advance. The district uses Microsoft Teams for this project.

Rate is $100/session.

Send proposals & resumes (or questions) ASAP to

We are also always seeking teaching artists for standard theatre courses like: Theatre Games, Storytelling, Improv, and Playwriting.