The annual international competition was founded in 1989 by Alleyway Theatre in memory of Canadian actor/playwright Maxim Mazumdar (1953-1988).

Mazumdar’s many contributions to the early growth of Alleyway Theatre were artistically invaluable and instrumental in shaping a continuing relationship with Canadian theatre. It was at Alleyway Theatre that Mazumdar gave his final performance in the premiere of his original musical LUPERCAL on March 27, 1988.
Alleyway is committed to producing and developing new works of theatre each season, as it has done now for over forty years. Updated submission information is available below. Please direct all questions to our literary team at

Mainstage, Cabaret, and Development projects are chosen through a rigorous selection process. Throughout the year, Alleyway accepts only agent submissions, solicited material, and work from our Playwrights Circle. Alumni playwrights or those writers local to Western New York (or writing about a WNY theme) may submit new work at anytime. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept unsolicited scripts outside of the Mazumdar submission window.

For all submissions, Alleyway seeks a diverse and inclusive representation of plays, stories, themes, locations, styles, as well as a diverse range of playwrights. Preference will be shown to works with vibrant characters and distinct voices, which engage in authentic human connection while representing a uniquely theatrical experience. 


Playwrights around the world (with or without representation) are encouraged to submit their plays and musicals each season for consideration for the Maxim Mazumdar New Play Award. The winning play receives a guaranteed cash prize and a full production in an upcoming subscription season. Because of the hiatus year caused by Covid, the next submission window will open in 2023.

Awards from plays submitted in 2021 will be announced in late June 2023.

The next round of submissions for full-length, unproduced new works will open July 1-15, 2023.

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In 2020, the competition added a digital category, and the winner GOAT SONG by Matt Harmon, premiered live via Facebook and Instagram in Fall 2020 as part of Alleyway’s pivot and commitment to live theatre during the pandemic.

2020 Full Length Winner and Finalists
THE ALEPH COMPLEX by Deborah Yarchun
HURTSONG by Caridad Svich
SAPIENCE by Diana Burbano

2020 One Act Winner and Finalists
EL ÁRBOL by Josie Nericcio
CROC OF by Seanan Palmero Waugh
LIFT by Heidi Kraay
THE YELLOW WALLPAPER by Eliza Randall and Sam Norman

A History of the Full Length Winning Plays

  • 2020 THE ALEPH COMPLEX by Deborah Yarchun
  • 2019 BERSERKER by Bruce Walsh
  • 2018 FACTORY FOR MURDERERS by Scott McCrea
  • 2017 PHILOSOPHUS! by Colin Speer Crowley
  • 2016 BEGINNING AGAIN by David Alan Brown
  • 2015 DEAR LYDIA by Larry Gray
  • 2014 SPEAK NO EVIL by Sonya Sobieski
  • 2013 TROPICAL HEAT by Rich Orloff
  • 2012 SET UP by Dan Noonan
  • 2011 ROADKILL by Karen JP Howes
  • 2010 CUT-UPS by Kerry Muir
  • 2009 MOOKIE CRANKS A TATER!  by Joseph Palka
  • 2008 THE CAREFUL GLOVER by Jim Baines
  • 2007 TROMPING ON SACRED GROUND by Suzanne C. Dickie
  • 2006 THE SEABIRDS by William Orem
  • 2005 LOST IN HOLLYWOODLAND by Alex Wexler and Bill Parsley
  • 2004 WEDLOCK by Joshua Faignen
  • 2003 TRANSFERENCE by Wayne Peter Liebman
  • 2002 LINES IN THE SAND by Mark Rigney
  • 2001 A QUESTION OF COLOR by Michael Bettencourt
  • 2000 HARMONY by Robin Rice
  • 1999 ENGLAND AND NOWHERE by Jeffery Ewing
  • 1998 PATCH OF EARTH by Kitty Felde
  • 1997 YOURS TRULY by Larry Gray
  • 1996 THE STAIRS by Steven Luther
  • 1995 THE COOL PLACE by Dan Scoville
  • 1994 BEYOND THE PALE by Landon Coleman
  • 1993 THE BEST BAD MAN by Josh Frank
  • 1992 RATTUS RATTUS by James Englehardt
  • 1991 PEACEFUL CREATURES by Stuart Flack
  • 1990 THE JULIA SET by Larry Gray
  • 1989 COLUMBUS by Robert Kornhiser