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Please help us keep the work going by with a donation to Alleyway Theatre. Your gift doesn’t stop at these doors—it bolsters an entire community of living playwrights, actors, designers, and artists.

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Alleyway Theatre gratefully acknowledges the support of the following individuals whose contributions make the promise of bold, original, innovative theatre a reality here in Western New York.

This list represents donors from March 2020 - January 2021. We apologize for any errors or omissions. Please send corrections to

Foundation, Government and Corporate Support

Cullen Foundation

Venturous Theatre Fund of the Tides Foundation

New York State Council on the Arts
with the support of Governor Andrew M Cuomo and the NYS Legislature

Erie County

Lorraine Capital

M&T Bank

Golden and Goldman Philanthropic Fund

Arts Services Initiative of Western New York, Inc

National Fuel

Individual Gifts


Janine Maciejewski ✯
Samuel Goodloe Jr.
Maria Pendolino ✯▴


Kim Piazza and Armand Petri▴
Adam Baber
Gail R. Arthurs▴
Gretchen and David Brand^
Karen and Bruce Sckolnick


Virginia Andrew ✯
Dale Anderson and Monica Neuwirt
The Barsi Family
Michael L Monnier and Michele Beal
Michelle Bouton
Javier Bustillos
John Louis Cimasi▴
Patrick Connell
Julia D'Amico
Ian Danic
Robert Dunford
Vincent Ferraro
Marjorie Girth
James Handley
Tom and Marilyn Handley
The Horn Family
Jennifer Kartychak▴
Dennis Knipfing
Paul “The Usher” Kochmanski▴
Anita and Craig Kopra
Janet and Robert Lee
John T. and Margaret A. Moffitt
Michael G. Murphy
Susan Musial
Dominic Orlando
Amberly Panepinto
Robert Paolini
Gregory Photiadis
Darleen Pickering Hummert/
Theatre for Change▴
Jen Read and Craig Colder▴
David and Lora Sambora
Joey Schaljo
Roger VanDette
Lee Vogt
Edward and Michelle Wright
Anonymous ✯


Kathleen Aiellos
Gil and Judy Belaval
Karin Bowersock
Kathy Burr
Loretta Butner-Jones
Anthony and Jean Caldiero
David Carpenter
Joseph M. Castiglia
Ann Catalano
Marie Cobado
Agatha Coder^
Cynthia L Comella
Marie Costa
County Line Stone Co.
Kathleen Danser
David Davis
Bruce Dejaiffe
Amber Dixon
Michael Dugan and Linda Siechmann-Dugan
Marianne Dunn
Tom and Pat Durham
Anna Falicov
Anna Kay France and Gregg Borland
Sandy McPherson Carrubba Geary
Dorothy Geberl
James and Cathy Gorlewski
Holly Grant
Mark and Mara Gruber
Doris Ann Gugino
Linda Hammerl
William and Linda Hardie
Stephen Henderson
Kristen and GregHorn
Robyn and Peter Horn
Elliott Hunt▴
Anne Jacobi White
Drew F. and Marilyn S. Jordan
Caitlin Kahabka
Anna Kaplan
Claire Knapp
Brian Koyn
Nick Lama
Renee Landrigan
Pamela Lange
Judith Larkin and Harvey Pines
Kevin Leigh
Kyle Loconti
Robert Lucas
Florine Luhr
Jessica  Marinelli
Janet Mattar
Lauren McCullough
John McDonald
Gregg and Gail Meister
Maureen Millane, PhD
Shazad Mohammed
Todd Nibbe
Janice Ninan
Ken & Kate Olena
Tom Owen
Gerard Pauwels
Kathlyn Pecoraro
Paula Pendolino
Sue Plopper
Lisa Podulka
Jessica Rasp
Lemoyne Rhoades
Joan Ricca
Jess Rojek
Tina Roth
Michael Russo
Barbara Rycroft
Phil Salemi
Dr. Joseph and Mildred Savarese
Gregory Pavlov and Marsha Shapiro  
Gail C and John K Siegel
Pat Smith
Michael Starzynski
Craig and Jessica Swiech
Beth Swift
Guy Tomassi
Stacey Tye Lovern
Gary and Jane Warfield
Joseph Werner
Richard and Janet Wetter
Priscilla Young-Anker
The Yuhas Family
Robert and Margaret Zak
Anonymous (2)▴
Anonymous (9)


Becky Almond
Todd Benzin
Sheila Boehm
David Bondrow
Lisa Brothwell
Joseph Bucheker
Taylor Burrows
Liam Castellan
Danieland Jan Coleman
Caitlin Coleman
Janet Connell
Linda Costa
Sheronsky Costa Rica
Anne DeFazio
Deborah Dinnocenzo
Patrick and Sandi Elwell
Cheryl Fisher
Susan Gall
Kristin Gelia
Karen Goller
Donna Handley
Rebecca Harmon
Jane Harrington
Donald Houck
Shirley Hudders
Jack Hunter
William Jackson
Steve Jakiel and Mary McMahon
Anastasia Johnson
Therese Kolniak
Jaime Kristina
Jamie Kubala
Melissa Leventhal
Daniel Lendzian
Catherine Lincoln
Bill Lovern
Pamela Mangus
Charlene Marie
Bob Mazierski
Lauren Mazzarese
Sue McCormack
Blythe Merrill
Lena Militello
Patricia Milks
Eric Notari
Arthur Page▴
Tim Peters
Juliane  Reich
Diane Ricci
Arleen Rodriguez

Robert Schulman
Soraya Butler Schuppert
Jeanne Slough
Jeff Smith
Shawn Stapleton
Mark Stein
Joyce Stilson
Joseph Todaro
Susan Vasi
Donnamarie Vaughan
Michael Wachowiak
Kathy Wadsworth
Laura Walters
Connie Wendling
Anonymous (9)

Gifts in Memory of Jerry Hudson

  • Ellen Hooven
  • Mary L Hudson
  • Drew F. and Marilyn S. Jordan
  • Sue Kondak
  • Elizabeth Lester

✯ Alleyway Sustaining Members
^ In Memorial: Miriam Meister, Tim White, Joe Rocchio
▴ In Honor: All Theatre People, Chris J Handley, Darleen Pickering Hummert, Richard Hummert, Samantha Marchant, William and Patty Moore, Maria Pendolino, Armand J Petri II, Neal Radice, Bob Read, Richard and Mary Smyth, Joyce Stilson

How You Can Show Your Support

Alleyway is grateful for financial contributions from our friends and supporters.

In 2021, the CARES ACT allows once again for charitable giving benefits. Find out more here.

If you're looking for other ways to support, consider volunteering! Whether its building sets and sewing costumes, sweeping the stage or ushering, taking tickets or organizing the warehouse, we have a job for you. Let us know how you'd like to help and we'll be sure to find a place for your talents.