Alleyway Theatre, Inc.

Founded 1980 by Neal Radice (pictured below)


Alleyway Theatre, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit professional theatre company and a collaborative incubator for bold, visceral new theatre works. Our education and development programs foster the talents of emergent artists from Western New York and beyond. We advance and uplift plays and musicals that embrace fearlessness, theatricality, humanity, and authenticity.


Alleyway serves the Erie County community with the production of new theatre works, the development of new plays and artists, and education and outreach for students, artists, and audiences. Following the planned retirement of founder Neal Radice, in June 2020, Alleyway has been under the new leadership of Executive Artistic Director Chris J Handley. Alleyway's new leadership and Board of Directors are committed to building on the strong foundation laid by Radice and continuing Alleyway's mission while creating new programs that foreground collaboration and service.


Uncompromising excellence is the hallmark of our work. Good enough isn’t acceptable in telling our stories, training our students, designing our productions, and interacting with our patrons.

We choose to challenge our artists and audiences to expect the unexpected and explore the unknown. The mission of new play work demands a leap of faith, understanding that the greatest rewards come from the greatest risk. Innovation, adventure, and exploration will lead Alleyway’s work to a new level.

Work is created when authentic relationships, communication, and connection collide. We value the voice of everyone in the room and strive to bring a wide range of artists together, where everyone can continue learning together.

Joyfully welcoming WNY into our doors, Alleyway celebrates the stories of everyone. So, as we hire and cast, we're committed to creating an equitable and accessible, diverse and inclusive, joyful community of artists and staff. The company seeks artists and staff representing the breadth of humanity: people of all genders, sexualities, creeds, races, abilities, and ages.

As a recipient of public, corporate, and individual private funding, Alleyway’s fiscal and governance controls will be monitored and maintained for integrity. It is the company’s further responsibility to provide equitable compensation for all employees, keep pace with innovations in technology, and maintain a major presence in the cultural fabric of WNY.

While the weighty significance of theatre throughout history and its influence on societal issues cannot be understated, if it’s not enjoyable and entertaining, theatre will lose its impact. Alleyway strives to create a space where laughter and smiles are standard.